9 Things to Know for Opening Night

The Worcester Bravehearts will host their Home Opener this Friday, May 27 against the Nashua Silver Knights. The 2022 season promises to be filled with new and exciting surprises every night!  As for Opening Night, here are nine things to look out for as the Bravehearts enter their ninth season in the Futures League.


Free Parking: When you come to the Bravehearts this summer, we strive to make it as hassle-free as possible. That’s why the Bravehearts will once again offer Free Parking at our Fitton Field Garage located just feet away from our Front Gate. Park for free, walk across the street and you’re there! It’s that easy.


Little League Takeovers: Throughout the spring the Worcester Bravehearts have went on tour across Central Massachusetts taking over Little Leagues. Over the last month the Bravehearts have brought their show to these little leagues, “taking over” their games with beloved in-between inning games, walk up music and of course Jake The Lion. Players who are part of the Worcester Little Leagues will now get a chance to “takeover” the outfield during the Opening Night pre-game ceremonies.


Fan Wall Unveiling: As a theme of their off-season, the Bravehearts have introduced “Twenty-Twenty-You". A season dedicated to the fans. During their opening night ceremonies, the team will unveil the “Home is Where The ‘Hearts Are” Fan Wall, with representatives from 65 companies who put their logo on the wall gathering on the infield. President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of New England Nancy Cahalen will be welcoming all of the representatives onto the field.


A New Era in Worcester: The Bravehearts will welcome incoming City Manager Eric Batista to throw out the first pitch of their Twenty-Twenty-You season.  Raised in Worcester, Batista fits right into the Bravehearts local-theme for Opening Night.


All-You-Can-Eat Tickets- The All-You-Can-Eat ticket is back this season for only $22! Unlimited hot dogs, burgers, chicken sandwiches, chips, popcorn, soft drinks, a baseball game and unlimited entertainment for only $22!


New Promotions- If you’ve been to Bravehearts games in the past, you may know some popular promotions the team has run. Those promotions will stay in 2021 as the team has put a twist on their promotions for the upcoming season, with new in-game entertainment lined up for every game!


Rally Jerseys- It’s a win-win scenario on Opening Night as if the Bravehearts are losing after 7 innings, fans will be able to see the debut of baseball’s first ever Rally Jersey! Learn more here about our “ Mezcal Tequila Rally Jersey”.


Dave Gets Dumped- As part of an ALS Fundraiser event, General Manager Dave Peterson has promised to get dumped with ice water live on the field right before the fireworks show! For more information on how to dump dave, visit our website story here.


Friday Night Fireworks - A fan favorite that will not be going away this Summer is Friday Night Fireworks! Luckily for the fans, the first fireworks show will happen on Opening Night, so be sure to stick around for the post-game show!


If you would like to see the debut of the Twenty-Twenty-You season in-person, click here to purchase your Opening Night Tickets