T-Shirt Bonanza Mini Plan

Kelley Square, Brady Bunch, the Moon, and Worcester Firefighters will all be Celebrated

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You can’t have a Worcester Bravehearts season without there being some awesome t-shirt giveaways! This year the t-shirts will be honoring a part of Worcester, and a couple of 50th year anniversaries.

The Worcester Bravehearts will be having the first of their four T-Shirt Giveaway nights on Saturday, June 8. On that day the team will be honoring Kelley Square with a “RIP Kelley Square” t-shirt. Over the next year, the intersection will be going under construction, and be completely redesigned. Don’t get caught in traffic for this game, and buy your tickets so you can join the team in paying our respects to Kelley Square.

The second t-shirt will be given away on Saturday, June 29. It is on that day that the team will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Brady Bunch, which premiered in 1969. The show’s instantly recognizable title screen will be put on a t-shirt, although there will be a little bit of a surprise Bravehearts twist involved. Don’t drop the ball like Marcia did, make sure you get your tickets to this game so you can get your Brady Bunch t-shirt!

The third Bravehearts t-shirt giveaway of the year will be on Saturday, July 20. It was on that day 50 years ago that man first stepped foot on the Moon. What better way to celebrate that than with a spacesuit inspired t-shirt! You won’t want to miss out on this game, so purchase your tickets as this night promises to be out of this world! Following the game there will be a fireworks show.

The fourth and final t-shirt game will be on Saturday, August 3. This t-shirt giveaway will be modeled after the special jerseys the team will wear that night to honor the Worcester Firefighters. Those jerseys will also be auctioned off to benefit the Ava Roy Fund. Get your tickets for this game.

If you want to guarantee yourself each of these t-shirts, as well as get an All-You-Can-Eat buffet 90 minutes prior to each of these games, you can purchase a T-Shirt Bonanza Mini Plan here.

Tickets for all Worcester Bravehearts home games are available online at worcesterbravehearts.com or by calling 508-438-3773.